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Florida housing law is complex and always evolving. If you are facing a housing law issue, it is important to have qualified and experienced legal representation to help you navigate it. Housing law attorney Michael Birnholz is dedicated to helping landlords protect their investments and providing effective legal service to condominium and homeowners associations. If you would like to discuss a legal issue, call the Law Offices of Michael D. Birnholz, P.A., to schedule a consultation at (305) 868-5368 today.

Experience and Skill You Can Trust

Housing law attorney Michael Birnholz attained his Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law and has been licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since the year 2000. Michael founded the Law Offices of Michael D. Birnholz, P.A., in the year 2004. Since January 2016, Mr. Birnholz has been an Adjunct Faculty member at the Florida International University College of Law where he coordinates Housing cases for the Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic. During his career, Michael has developed a deep knowledge of Florida housing law and has always been focused on getting the best possible outcome for each of his clients.

Practice Areas

Attorney Michael Birnholz is qualified to handle all types of housing law issues in Florida, but he has focused his practice on representing landlords and condominium and homeowners associations.

  • Commercial and Residential Landlord Law. The Law Offices of Michael D. Birnholz assists commercial and residential landlords in navigating Florida housing laws, drafting leases, and negotiating contracts.
  • Landlord-Tenant Litigation. Attorney Michael Birnholz has extensive experience representing landlords in disputes with tenants. There are complex rules and procedures governing landlord-tenant law in Florida, particularly with regards to eviction. Michael understands these rules and provides thorough and vigorous representation to landlords that are involved in disputes.
  • Condominium and Homeowners’ Association Law. The Law Offices of Michael D. Birnholz provides condominium and homeowners’ associations with legal advice and counsel regarding their operations and procedures, as well as helping condominium and homeowners associations collect unpaid assessments. In some cases, collecting debts owed requires the filing of Claims of Lien or the filing of a foreclosure lawsuit.

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